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Do you need a little help setting or achieving your health and fitness goals? Contact one of our staff trainers below to get you started.

Steven Shue Central Park Square Athletic Club Owner & Personal Trainer

Steven Shue has co-owned Central Park Square Athletic Club since 2005. He began his career at CPSAC in 1990 as a Personal Trainer Steven graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Exercise Science. He is also certified for Personal Training by the American College of Sport Medicine and the American Council on Exercise.

Steven believes in making sure his members and clients have a well-rounded exercise program focusing on; endurance, strength, flexibility and core. These four components are the pillars that allow one to achieve their health needs and fitness goals.

Steven has recently started a functional fitness program at Central Park Square Athletic club. This is a great alternative to a members standard workout. Steven is also the instructor for the clubs High Interval Training classes on Monday’s and Thursday and the Abdominal class offered to all our members on Tuesday’s.
Steven’s door is always open to discuss any fitness related issues you may have or answer any questions you may have in reaching your fitness goals. Questions? Email Steve
All new memberships are eligible for 3 free 1⁄2 hour training sessions from one of the above trainers to get you started.

CPSAC also has a variety of independent trainers (listed below) on site, who would be happy to assist you (their rates may vary from staff rates and are not employees of CPSAC

Patrick Holloway, (Independent Trainer)
Patrick has a BS and MS in Sports Medicine. He has also been a competitive power lifter over the past 15 years, holding a dozen State, National and World Records in the bench press (710 lb. PR) and deadlift (854 lb. PR) he also holds multiple World Titles.

Patrick has been active in fitness and sports over the past 25 years. He has experience in sports strength/conditioning, weight loss, metabolic conditioning, powerlifting and strongman training. He has also competed in adventures races. If you are looking to bring something different to your fitness plan stop by and take on a new challenge with Patrick. Questions? Email Patrick

Bob Strauss, (Independent Trainer)
Bob Strauss has been a fitness trainer at Central Park Square Athletic Club since 1990. He is a veteran of the fitness industry with over 35 years of personal training experience. Bob is a Certified Fitness Trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association and is no stranger to sports and exercise, having significant competitive experiences in various sports such as football, wrestling, track and field, cross country, gymnastics, baseball, basketball and body building. Bob is a nine-time International Body Building Champion and a two-time International Powerlifting Champion in Germany.

Bob started his fitness career in the military where he created and managed fitness programs for the soldiers on his military base in Frankfurt, Germany. Bob not only practices what he teaches, but he lives what he teaches. He exercises 5 to 6 days per week and maintains a body fat percentage of less than 10% at age 55. Bob has the education and experience to help anyone young or old achieve their goals whether it be getting in shape for a sporting event or just shaving off some unwanted pounds through exercise and nutrition. Bob prides himself in knowing his clients personally and designing training programs specifically tailored to meet his clients’ needs and abilities. If you are looking for a well-rounded and experienced fitness trainer, take the time to meet Bob and he will get you started on a program specific to your needs. Questions? Email Bob

FitPro Team Trainers
Phone (602)502-5629 

Tia Norris

  • ACSM CPT (American College of Sports Medicine, Certifited Personal Trainer)
  • Juris Doctorate (University of Arizona Law)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Ohio State University)

Tia is the President and Head Personal Trainer for FitPro. She has a law degree from Univeristy of Arizona and a psychology degree from Ohio State University. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine.

Tia has a background in collegiate soccer, martial arts, yoga, calisthenics, bodybuilding, powerlifting, ballroom dance, spinning, racquetball, and as of late she is training for an Ironman race. She believes in the versatility of the human mind and body and seeks to explore all the edges of the map with it comes to diet and fitness, in effort to help her clients achieve more results quicker.

Tia's ideal client is really anone who wants real results - she has worked with young and old, athletic and rookie, bodybuilders and triathletics, martial artists and powerlifters, soccer moms and average joes and everyone in between. Anyone who wants to work and wants to learn skills for a lifetime of healthy living, is a great fit for Tia.

Chase Rohlfs

  • Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology (Arizona State University)
  • CF-L1 (Crossfit Level 1 Certified)

Chase has been training for FitPro since 2013. He has a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from Arizona State University. He is Crossfit Level 1 Certified. Chase has a background in high level baseball, swimming, bodybuilding, and calisthenics. Chase believe in the power of effort and discipline of both the mind and body. Chase is high- energy, charismatic, and well-liked, but is also very sharp in keeping clients accountable, focused and challenged.

Chris Reber

  • Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology (Arizona State University)
  • NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association)
  • CSCS (Certified Strength and Condiitioning Specialist)
  • CSAC (Certified Speed and Agility Coach)

Chris has been a personal trainer since 2013. He has a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from Arizona State University. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and a Certified Speed and Agility Coach.

Chris has a background in high level baseball, bodybuilding, powerlifting, speed and agility conditioning, and has also worked with professional athletes on strength and conditioning.

Chris is no-nonsense, highly creative, and extremely focused on helping clients achieve results while helping them to learn both immediate and long term strategies to create a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

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Group fitness classes, yoga, personal training, nutritional counseling & massage therapy, physical therapy, racquetball and indoor swimming

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